About Encosta da Serra Hotel

With 12 years of experience in service to guests with different needs one can say that the Hotel are better prepared to meet your expectations.

Our Hotel is situated in the Sierra Araripe city of Crato in southern Ceará, Northeast Brazil. You should recognize through the media that our region is very hot, but we are at a very important time breeze in a cool place and the night will ask tracksuit on windy days. This will bring a special atmosphere, asking a different wine. But if the weather is dry we can meet you with a letter of pioneering beers in the region that can make you motivate and venturing out a totally innovative gastronomic menu.

Despite the hotel having more than one decade and our decor is totally focused on regional rustic, our infrastructure is in modern apartments. You will in all our accommodation with: flat screen televisions, cable TV, air-conditioning, hot shower, fridge, telephone and wireless internet.

We want to provide you the best experience with an excellent service and a big smile on his face. You indicate great tourist itineraries with competent partners and handpicked.